IGNOU LSE 3 Solved Assignment 2018

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Title :LSE-03: Genetics (Solved Assignment)
Programme:Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Life Science
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IGNOU LSE 3 Solved Assignment 2018: Genetics

The students of Indira Gandhi National Open University may require IGNOU LSE 3 solved assignment as reference material to prepare their Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) of Ignou B.Sc. Life Science course.This reference IGNOU BSC assignment for LSE-03: Genetics course will help students in completing their task.

This assignment is valid for July 2017 and January 2018 session. The last date of submission of LSE-03 assignment is March 31, 2018 for July 2017 Session and September 30, 2018 for January 2018 Session.

IGNOU LSE 3 assignment is valid only for students who are pursuing B.Sc. Life Science programme. It comes under the category of IGNOU BDP solved assignments.

Note: These assignments are just for reference.Students should write the Tutor Marked Assignments in their own words and also in their own handwriting.